Homebrew Alley was designed to allow home brewers the opportunity to showcase their beer to the public and give our guests another perspective on different brewing styles and methods. Several breweries in attendance got their start here in Auburn, so we love showcasing our local homebrewers.

Votes from all AU Oktoberfest attendees will help determine the winner!

Information for Homebrewers

Are you a homebrewer interested in signing up for Homebrew Alley? We’d love to have you! Please register here. Link

What is provided for all homebrewers:

  • Tent/Pour space
  • Large Igloo cooler
  • Banner featuring your brewery/chosen name (can take with you)
  • Two 6’ tables with white linen tablecloths
  • Access to ice trailer
  • Power (only if requested prior to event). If you do require power, please make sure that your equipment voltage/output matches with our power supply prior to plugging anything in. We will not be responsible for any damages to any equipment.

What you should be prepared to provide:

  • Décor for your area
  • Jockey box/dispenser
  • Container for your keg
  • Someone stationed at your event for the duration of the festival

What to Expect at the Festival

We expect heavy crowds to arrive right at 4 p.m. Homebrew alley is stationed at the entrance of the festival, so homebrewers tend to have large crowds early in the event, and stay steady throughout the first three hours of the event.

There are no rules or regulations on styles of beer for the competition – the only thing that matters for judging is how much the guests enjoy it. The first beer that you register online will be the one considered for voting.

The winner will be chosen based on the number of Oktoberfest tokens collected. We will collect these tokens at 5 p.m., so please make sure that all your tokens are collected by then.

We will announce the winners of homebrew alley at approximately 6:30 p.m. on the main stage.

We are expecting a crowd of about 2,000 guests, so please plan accordingly on quantity and be sure to encourage those coming by and your friends to use their tokens.

Please click on this link to “purchase” your tickets (they are free).

There will be a green button on the main page that says “Tickets.” Please click here and in the top right corner of the pop up box will be a link that says, “Enter Promotional Code.” Please enter “homebrew22” and continue the checkout process by filling out the requested information.  It is required to input your first beer, but fields are available to list up to four. Remember, your first beer listed is the one that will be voted on. Also, if you do not know the guest attending with you at this time please just put in the box “Will email,” so we know to look out for it and get it at a later time.

Those not registered online by September 1 are not guaranteed to have their information on the event brochure or have a banner produced for them.

If you have questions about Homebrew Alley, please reach out through our contact form. Otherwise, all participants will be contacted on September 15 for week and day of details